answering servicePhone Answering Services

The term answering service just scratches the surface on what we are all about.   What our answering services entail is much, much more than someone simply picking up the phone. Our live answering service puts a team of outstanding, customer minded people to work for your business anytime an opportunity should come calling.

Simply put, we make you look good. We’ll present a professional, warm and confident voice for your business day or night, always following your instructions to the letter to help you grow your business.

Enhance your image with our professional, live operator telephone answering services at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff. Think of us as your model employee – one who never gets sick or goes on vacation and answers every call with a smile in their voice.  As one of our clients once explained, “You guys are our secret weapon over our competition! While they’re all sleeping, you’re getting new business for us!” Whether it is an emergency service call, sales inquiry or taking an order for your product, we’ll make sure customers can reach you whenever they call, day or night.

Listed below are just some of the specific industry telephone answering services that we excel at serving. If you don’t see yours, don’t despair, we can help you as our excellent customer service is universal and we’ll customize something just for you!