Appointment Reminder Services

reduce no showsAppointment no-shows are an unfortunate reality of business. The good news is that Ambs Call Center’s automated appointment reminder service can help! By confirming appointments with your customers, you’ll be able to reduce your no-show rate significantly. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to back fill your schedule making you more profitable and efficient.

Our automated appointment reminder service is the most affordable and reliable service available on the market. It will virtually pay for itself in a matter of days and allow your staff members to provide other important services for your customers. Automated reminder calls made to your patients during working hours only generate a 22% success rate, but calls made by Ambs Call Center in the evening can generate up to an 87% success rate!

  • Reduce your no-shows and increase profits
  • Free up staff time for other responsibilities
  • Cut costs by over 50% in comparison to making calls yourself

Ambs appointment reminders_optHow Automated Reminder Calls Work

An office employee whose voice has been pre-recorded reminds your patients of their appointment.

Example Message: “Hello, this is Jane from Dr. Jones office calling to remind you of your appointment with us on Tuesday at 1p.m. Please press 1 to confirm your appointment, please press 2 if you would like us to call you back and reschedule your appointment, or press 3 in order to hear this message again. Thank you and have a great evening.”

The client will have an opportunity to confirm or reschedule their appointment by pressing the designated key on their phone. Ambs Call Center makes 3 rounds of calls, detects answering machines, and repeats the message until a confirmation is made or the appointment is rescheduled. Only on the third attempt a message on the machine. Messages can be customized to fit your office situation.

Ambs will transmit a report that is available online when the office staff arrives the next morning. The staff will be able to return any calls from patients requesting to be rescheduled. The report can also be used to see what patients have invalid phone numbers.

  • Works with virtually all scheduling programs
  • No more letters will need to be written, printed, folded, stuffed, stamped or mailed
  • No more staff time will be wasted on repeatedly calling to confirm appointments