Appointment Remindersappointment reminders

If you like to make sure that your customers don’t forget about their appointment consider using appointment reminders. Our automated appointment reminder service is a great tool to help your calendar remain full and reduce your no-shows. Quickly remind your customers of upcoming appointments by phone, text or email. You will see who has confirmed and who needs to reschedule right from the appointment reminder web portal.

Benefits of Appointment Reminders

• Reduce No-shows and increase revenue
• Save your staff’s time and phone costs from making the calls yourself
• Eliminate the cost of postage and reminder cards
• Increase efficiency with an optimized calendar full of appointments

How it Works

Simply upload the list of names and number from your calendar or spreadsheet and the appointment scheduler service does the rest. The ReminderManager will contact your customers by their preferred method. You receive real time reports in your appointment reminder web portal.

Telephone appointment reminder

appointment reminder voice callAll greetings are professionally recorded and customized to your specification. The recordings sound great  (not robotic) and are easily understood across all age ranges. We also support multiple languages so that

Text message reminder

appointment reminder textText messaging is the fast becoming a preferred form appointment reminder notification. It  can often yield faster and better results for appointment confirmation. Clients simply confirm their appointment by texting back to the notification

Email reminder

appointment reminder emailEmail reminders are sent with your company’s branding. Customers simply click on a link in the email to confirm. Their confirmation automatically shows up in the web portal reports. Your inbox won’t fill up with responses, they’re handled automatically.

Smartphone App

Oappointment reminder appnce downloaded, a customers can be alerted via push notifications on their mobile device. They can also add the appointment directly to phone’s calendar.  The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Real-time Reportingautomated appointment reminder report

Sit back and relax while the appointment reminder service confirms your appointments for you. You can view the results in real time on the ReminderManager web portal. Reports can be sorted by appointment type, by staff member or however you’d like them to be arranged. The daily schedule of every staff member is available from the portal. Having this information in real time will enable you to adjust your schedule and fill the cancelled appointments as needed.